It’s Robot Month! Robot Solitude Now Available from Science Fiction Weekly!

It’s Robot Month! Robot Solitude Now Available from Science Fiction Weekly!

Issue 10 of Alien Dimensions’ sister publication Science Fiction Weekly has just been released and it features a robot story to help promote Alien Dimensions’ own Issue 10!

Check out Robot Solitude. A short story about transferring consciousnesses to robot bodies to explore the solar system. From the 22nd to 24th of July 2017, in celebration of Robot month at Alien Dimensions, Robot Solitude will be available for free via Kindle as a special offer to regular Alien Dimensions readers, and anyone who discovers it on Amazon! Make sure it says 0.00 when you click to download.

Science Fiction Weekly Robot Solitude

And, if you haven’t had a chance yet, check out Alien Dimensions issue 10. Click on the image below.

Alien Dimensions Science Fiction Short Stories

Here is a recent review:

This is the first issue of ALIEN DIMENSIONS that I have ever read. I have been a science fiction and fantasy fanatic for eons, long before the days of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. In fact, many of these stories bring back the wonderful memories! Each author in your magazine has a unique style, and and a special talent for writing a superb plot and an excellent story line to keep the reader’s interest. The only word of advice that I have to offer is to make sure that you have a second set of eyes to help scan for minor errors, errors that autocorrect will never discover. I don’t say this to insult anyone. You want to be the best of the best. Everyone makes typing errors. Always strive to do your best! Great job! on July 14, 2017 for

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