Alien Dimensions Issue 9 Is Now Available in Print and Digital Formats in a New Format!

Issue 9 is now available in digital and in print. *New Format*
Alien Dimensions Science Fiction Fantasy and Metaphysical Stories Anthology Series

I’ve gone with a new format this issue, reducing the word count a bit to fit into Amazon’s more popular ‘short reads’ section. This will hopefully increase sales, which may mean I’ll be able to increase the amount of issues released per month. If it is successful, expect issue 10 to come out early!

I’ve included a story this issue that had a lot of research behind it. To write ‘Still in Beta’ I underwent three sessions of transcranial magnetic stimulation of 1 hour each, while being hooked up to an electroencephalogram, and being stimulated by theta waves! (No aliens appeared for me, unfortunately.) Hopefully this will make the story a bit more engaging for you.

Lots of great ideas and points of view this issue:

Path of Least Resistance by Tom Howard (USA)
Wandering Woods by Gustavo Bondoni (Argentina)
The Missionary by Nicky Martin (USA)
The Plan by Sam Honour (UK)
Still in Beta by Neil A. Hogan (Australia)
Tiara and the Comet Apocalypse Part 2 by Neil A. Hogan (Australia)

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Alien Dimensions Issue 9 Digital

Alien Dimensions Issue 9 Print

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