Alien Dimensions Science Fiction Fantasy and Metaphysical Short Stories Anthology Series

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Tired of science fiction that turns out to be contemporary fiction with a science fiction background?

Bored with the same old tropes being recycled?

Desperate for something that’s not just humans versus aliens?

Alien Dimensions is here to help! Always on the lookout for alien stories with a futuristic setting integral to the story rather than just a backdrop, featuring stories based on real science, you’re sure to find something that will get you thinking in every issue. Let’s get the science back into science fiction, the intelligent aliens back into the dialogue, and let’s just escape to a world completely unconnected and unrelated to the one we’re in now.

Alien Dimensions is released every 4-5 weeks, so there’ll always be something new just around the corner for you. You’ll find each issue in digital and in print via Amazon.

The new Alien Dimensions book and ebook series features stories written by authors from around the planet. The stories not only explore alien concepts, they’re written from alien countries! You’ll find different sentence styles, different perspectives on situations, different styles of conflict, different kinds of protagonists and more.

Enjoy a much more alien experience of science fiction with Alien Dimensions!

We’ve got some really interesting stories for you again this month, with hard-to-imagine aliens and some juicy science.

Antlions by Elana Gomel
Elana is the author of five non-fiction books published by Routledge, Macmillan and others, and numerous articles on subjects ranging from science fiction and fantasy to posthumanism and Victorian literature. Elana work has appeared in New Horizons, Bewildering Stories, Timeless Tales, The Singularity, New Realm, Mythic, The Fantasist and other magazines; and in anthologies The Apex Book of World SF, People of the Book, Twelve Days of Christmas, Ink Stains and others. Elana’s fantasy novel A Tale of Three Cities was published in 2013.

Hues of Living Green by Russell Hemmell
Russell’s most recent stories have appeared in Digital SF, Not One of Us, Perihelion SF, and elsewhere. He was also a finalist in The Canopus 100 Year Starship Awards 2016-2017.

Home is Where Your Hearts Are by Danielle Davis
Danielle’s work has most recently appeared in kINKED, Tailfins & Sealskins: An Anthology of Water Lore, and Candlesticks & Daggers: An Anthology of Mixed-Genre Mysteries. Danielle’s horror novella, No Room for Valor, is also published serially on JukePop Serials.

Old World Problems by Eddie D. Moore
Eddie’s stories have been published by Jouth Webzine, The Flash Fiction Press, Every Day Fiction, Theme of Absence, Devolution Z, and Fantasia Divinity Magazine. Find more on his blog:

Found on Proxima B by Priya Sridhar
Priya’s stories have appeared in Where the Stars Rise, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, She Walks in Shadows, Spindles, Indian SF Magazine, Deimos eZine and Flux Fiction. Priya’s novella “Carousal” was published in 2014.

Touch by Nicky Martin
The Exchange by Neil A. Hogan
and something for younger readers –
Tiara and the Comet Apocalypse Part 5 by Neil A. Hogan

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