Alien Dimensions Science Fiction Fantasy and Metaphysical Short Stories Anthology Series

Alien Dimensions Science Fiction Fantasy Metaphysical Short Stories Anthologies

Welcome to the Alien Dimensions Website. Thank you for visiting. If you’re looking for new science fiction books, you’ve come to the right place! Alien Dimensions is released every 4-5 weeks, so there’ll always be something new just around the corner for you. You’ll find each issue in digital and in print via Amazon.

The new Alien Dimensions book series features stories written by authors from around the planet. The stories not only explore alien concepts, they’re written from alien countries! You’ll find different sentence styles, different perspectives on situations, different styles of conflict, different kinds of protagonists. Alien Dimensions aims to have at least one third of the stories written by someone who speaks English as a Second Language.

Enjoy a much more alien experience of science fiction with Alien Dimensions!

Alien Dimensions Issue 7

Alien Dimensions Issue 7 is now available, and features stories from the following authors

About 7 Minutes by Sam Honour (United Kingdom)
Seventh Son by Aric Merchant (USA)
The Forgetting by Lars H. Hoffmann (Denmark/Spain)
Ikelos by Aishwarya S. (India)
Pyramids of The Moon by Neil A. Hogan (Australia)
An Unusual Day for Linkiemoh by Peter Ong (USA)
Gabriel and the Resurrection of Maldek Part 5 (final) (Australia)

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Alien Dimensions Issue 7 Digital

Alien Dimensions Issue 7 In Print

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