The Cardinal Sin of All USA Science Fiction TV Series Since the 60s

The Cardinal Sin of All USA Science Fiction TV Series Since the 60s!

Star Trek Classic

It’s a wagon train to the stars kind of series, set in the far future, with advanced technology and highly intelligent people:

Investors: Let’s have a fight with a plastic dinosaur called The Gorn. The viewers love boxing matches

Star Trek Voyager

It’s a wagon train to the… You’re not listening, are you?

Investors: Let’s have a native American Indian have a fight. The viewers love boxing matches

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

It’s far future. Super intelligent people with high levels of negotiation ability to communicate with superior beings and work out their differences in an advanced way. On a space station.

Investors: Let’s knock out a super superior being who operates on a different frequency to the rest of humanity in a boxing match. The viewers love boxing matches.

Babylon 5

No no no. I will not have a boxing match on my show. – J

Investors. It’ll be called The Knock Out. Let’s have a human fight an alien. Viewers love boxing matches

At least let me call the episode TKO so that it’s not too obvious.

Investors: You’re on!

Quantum Leap

Yeah. How many do you want?

Investors: Awesome. Let’s start with episode 3. Viewers love boxing matches

Stargate SG-1

Oh for god’s sake. Just get it over with. Put it in the first episode.

Investors: Great! Viewers love boxing matches


Season 1 No boxing match

Season 2 Shh

Season 3 Going good so far

Season 4 Beat everyone. Score!

Season 5 No. No we don’t need it. No one would watch it.

Season 6. WTF? What are you doing. Noooooooo!

I’m leaving – D

Investors: It got good ratings. Viewers love boxing matches.


Shh. Don’t tell anyone. We’ll just have a character that will box with anyone in almost every episode. It won’t look like boxing. We’ll be the only TV show that doesn’t have an official boxing episode. Score.

Investors: Just make sure the character punches almost everyone.

Battlestar Galactica

It’s all about violence, angst and robots

Investors: Can we slot a boxing match in there somewhere?

It doesn’t fit in the storyline

Investors: How about…

No really. It’s like far future, or far past, depending on…

Investors: Let’s just forget the arc in season three and just do one. It’ll be great.


Investors: Viewers love boxing matches.

The Orville

Let’s have a boxing match to piss off sci fi fans.

Investors: Are you for real? Awesome! Season three? Episode 5, 6?

Let’s make it episode 3 in season 1

Investors: OMG!

And we’ll make it a black guy boxing with a white girl, both dressed up as aliens. Never been done before.

Investors: We feel like crying.

The Orville Boxing Match

Pretty pissed off at The Orville right now! LOL.

Loved the episode, though. The main theme has never been done before in TV SF. Keep up the great work!

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