Almost reached that milestone to be able to reopen the submission gates!

I’m really excited to be able to say that, thanks to issue 14, the printed version of which has turned out to be quite popular, we’ve almost reached the goal amount to be able to reopen for story submissions in January. Just $50 more dollars (or 25 more sales) to go and the series will have enough to begin buying stories for issue 15. But due to the payment cycle, commissions from end of November sales won’t turn up until the end of January 2018, so we’ve only got a few days to go to complete our goal for issue 15!

Help us make it happen. If you’ve missed an issue, now’s the time to fill that gap, or read one on Kindle Unlimited, before the 30th November. Every little bit helps.

And just a quick reminder that Issue 2 will be retired on November 30th. So, if you haven’t checked out issue 2 yet, please do.

Alien Dimensions Issue 2 to 14

Thank you for supporting Alien Dimensions

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