Alien Dimensions Issue 7 Available Early!

Alien Dimensions Issue 7 Now Available in Digital and in Print

Alien Dimensions is undergoing a bit of a restructure. Rather than pursue the magazine format, with so many stories to release, I’d much rather make the issues available as soon as they are ready. Issue 7 has been ready for days and I just couldn’t wait to release it to you. And so, it’s now available!

Alien Dimensions Issue 7

In this issue:

About 7 Minutes by Sam Honour
Seventh Son by Aric Merchant
The Forgetting by Lars H. Hoffmann
Ikelos by Aishwarya S.
Pyramids of The Moon by Neil A. Hogan
An Unusual Day for Linkiemoh by Peter Ong
Gabriel and the Resurrection of Maldek Part 5 (final)

This will be the last issue tied to a month. From issue 8, issues will simply be released when they’re ready. This may mean an issue every 3-4 weeks, depending on what submissions have been received and what stories are available.

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Alien Dimensions Issue 7 Digital

Alien Dimensions Issue 7 In Print


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