Welcome to John Zakour and Benjie de Leon

Welcome New Authors

Welcome John Zakour and Benjie de Leon to the team for Issue 5.

John Zakour has many books available on Amazon and has written for the comics versions of The Simpsons, Fairly Odd Parents, and Rugrats, to name a few. Check out his Zachary Nixon Johnson Series

Benjie de Leon’s name is also on Amazon. You can find out more about one of his children’s books here: Touch the Sky

One of the things I usually regularly request of my writers is an increase in the dialogue, whether that be internal or external. The main ingredient I look for is a way to tell the story through the dialogue rather than having prologues and back story and ‘remembering the time’ type scenes. Of course, they’ll always be there, but I try to reduce it a little, preferring stories completely set in the ‘now.’

Well, John has supplied a story that is purely dialogue between two entities. An entire story that comes through the words spoken. Wonderful! It would probably make a great podcast. In any case, look out for that in issue 5.

I asked Benjie to write for us as I was looking for something with a bit of international flavour to the series. Benjie has come up what seems to be a traditional story at the beginning but, well, you’ll see.

Issue 5 is due out on the 1st February. It’s now available for pre order. Click here: Alien Dimensions Issue 5

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