Alien Dimensions #3 December 2016 Instant Download

This issue features

Short stories:

Past the Edge by Sam Honour
Good Host by Nicky Martin
The BioMosaic Skies by Chakra Elan
Dante Sparke by Aric Merchant
Evolution, A Little Matter, and Cosmic Joke by Neil A Hogan

For Younger Readers
Alien Christopher – Text preview of book 60 of the Alien Characters series
Ida and the Planet Invasion Part 3 of 3
Gabriel and the Resurrection of Maldek Part 1

And more!

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Alien Dimensions is a monthly SF magazine devoted to science fiction, fantasy and metaphysical short stories.

In this issue, we have Past the Edge by Sam Honour – the pilot of a scientific exploration vessel and his misgivings about an upcoming mission into totally uncharted and unknown space.

In Good Host by Nicky Martin, a cryo-sleep Anomaly Detector wakes up to find that something is killing the crew. Could the captain be involved?

Anouk begins receiving messages from the aliens that created a structure surrounding the Earth in The BioMosaic Skies by Chakra Elan, and in Dante Sparke by Aric Merchant, the Terran Union and the Jovians are on the brink of war as Earth and Mars shift closer to each other in their orbits.

Neil A Hogan’s stories include Evolution, where a town meeting leads to an understanding about the future, A Little Matter, where we discover the true nature of dark matter, and Cosmic Joke, where merging consciousnesses can lead to accessing a place between one reality and the next.

For the younger readers, we have Alien Christopher, where our friendly aliens discover the remnants of a planet with an alien that has been
in stasis for over six million years. (This is a preview of the text from Alien Characters series book #60, due out in 2018.)

We also have the final part of the novella Ida and the Planet Invasion Part 3, and the start of the next book in the series with Gabriel and the Resurrection of Maldek part 1.

And more!


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