Alien Dimensions Issue 2 – Last Days!

Alien Dimensions Issue 2 – Last Days!

Each Alien Dimensions issue will remain available for about 12 months before being removed from sale. This is to enable writers to get back the full rights to their works, and then be able to on-sell their stories, or even put them out in their own collections if they wished.

You may have seen an ‘EXP’ date on a few issues. This will give you an idea as to when it’ll be removed from Amazon.

Well, it’s finally Issue 2’s turn! Admittedly, being the issue that has sold the most of all issues so far, and made it into four of the best seller lists on Amazon for a couple of weeks, I didn’t really want to remove it. But, change and renewal is a part of life, so the issue will be removed during the last week of November 2017.

If you haven’t had a chance to grab a copy, now’s the time to do so, before it’s removed forever.

Alien Dimensions Issue 2 Digital

Alien Dimensions Issue 2 Print

Alien Dimensions Issue 2 Science Fiction Fantasy and Metaphysical Short Stories Magazine Monthly

Alien Dimensions is a monthly SF magazine devoted to science fiction, fantasy and metaphysical short stories.

This issue features:

-Short Stories-
The Gene Miracle by Chakra Elan
Distant Helix by Aric Merchant
ExtraForrestrial by Neil A Hogan
Solid State Survivor by Nicky Martin
Tutor Who – Heaven Cent by Neil A Hogan

-For Younger Readers –
Alien Hannah – Special preview of the text for book #57 in the Alien Characters series.

Ida and the Planet Invasion Part 2. The secret IFO monitoring base under the Northern Territory of Australia have sent their best IFOs to investigate the rogue planet draining energy from the sun. Can Ida prevent them from blowing it up?

-Non Fiction –
Alien Life Discovered
And more!

Available in both print and digital formats.

If you’ve just joined us, issue 14 is now available. Find out more here:

Alien Dimensions Issue 14 Science Fiction Fantasy and Metaphysical Short Stories Anthology Series


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