Alien Dimensions Issue 1 Last Days!

Alien Dimensions Issue 1 Last Days!

Each Alien Dimensions issue will remain available for about 12 months before being removed from sale. This is to enable writers to get back the full rights to their works, and then be able to on-sell their stories, or even put them out in their own collections if they wished.

You may have seen an ‘EXP’ date on a few issues. This will give you an idea as to when it’ll be removed from Amazon.

Well, it’s finally Issue 1’s turn! Admittedly, being the first issue and more of a proof-of-concept release, it just contains stories by me. Even so, if you’ve been putting off buying issue 1, now’s the time to grab a copy before it’s removed forever.

Alien Dimensions issue 1 ebook will be removed from Amazon on 6th November 2017. (Extended from the 1st, to give everyone time to get over Halloween.) Alien Dimensions Issue 1 paperback was removed on the 1st November.

Find out about the issue here:

Digital Version

Alien Dimensions Issue #1 October 2016
Alien Dimensions Issue 1 October 2016

-Short Stories-
Invasion of the Spermoids
The Learning Curve

-For Younger Readers-
Ghost Time
Alien Alexander

Ida and the Planet Invasion Part 1

-Non Fiction-
Space Travel Holidays Top 10

And more!

Find out about the issue here:

Digital Version

Many thanks for your support of Alien Dimensions

–  Neil

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