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Have you ever thought about supporting new writers, indie writers, writers that are just getting their feet wet in the world of writing, but weren’t sure how?

Do you have at least $1 a month to spare?

Alien Dimensions needs you! Your contribution can help Alien Dimensions expand, grow and become a publication big enough to be able to pay the amount that SFWA deem as the professional rate for science fiction writers, namely $0.06 per word. Currently, Alien Dimensions pays $10 per story to accepted unsolicited submissions, and $20 per story to on-request writers. Being non-profit, that’s all the budget it has. And some months, it doesn’t even have that.

Neil A. Hogan runs the publication as a labor of love, so Alien Dimensions will still be around for awhile yet. But if you have some spare change every month, and would like to help Alien Dimensions reach the heights of more professional publications, please visit the Alien Dimensions Patreon page for how you can help.

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